Guide to construction process

The construction is quite complex and complicated process in which the client or investor are faced with large number of laws and regulations that need to be followed in order for certain project to be successfully implemented and for certain building to be put into use.

From project to object…

If the client or investor are not properly informed with all regulations and the parties involved, that often may lead to unexpected and unpleasant situations that aggravate and prolong the building process, and thus the cost of the overall project is increased.

Therefore prior to the start of construction, it is necessary to obtain the proper permits, all necessary approvals and include high-quality professionals into the process.

For easier understanding of the construction process in Croatia, we bring you a brief overview of the most important chapters.


    • What’s construction?

      The term implies all the construction phases of the emerging structure through its design, construction, supervision, maintenance, reconstruction and its removal. During each of these phases, it is necessary to take into account the specific legal regulations.

    • Who are the participants in the construction process?

- investor or client (legal or physical person)
- designer (architect authorized for design)
- auditor (certified engineer or architect who controls the project)
- contractor (person registered to perform the construction)
- supervisor (the person authorized to conduct the technical supervision of construction, which is conducted on behalf of the investor)

    • What types of projects are required for construction?

- conceptual design (required for location permit)
- master design (required for obtaining a building permit)
- detailed design (all technical solutions outlined in detail )

    • What is a building permit?

A building permit is a document (administrative decision-solution) which legally allows the construction of the building. It determines that the conceptual and master design are performed in accordance with the legal regulations and conditions for particular location are met.

    • Who issues the building permit?

Building permit is issued by the state administration office in the county or city office. If the construction law or special act doesn’t specify otherwise, they are in charge of construction in the area where ​​the building is built.

    • Who applies for the building permit?

An application for a building permit needs to be submitted by the client.

    • What client needs to submit for issuance of the building permit for a residential building?

- Proof that client has the right to build on a certain property (land registry certificate)
- master design – 4 copies verified by a licensed architect
- Validity confirmation
- List of parties

    • Which certificates should be attached to master design documentation for a residential building?

- Possibility to connect to the low voltage network (issued by the Croatian electricity company – HEP)
- Possibility to connect to the telecommunications network (issued by the Croatian telecommunications – HT)
- Possibility to connect to the utility installations (water, sewer, gas and steam tube; issued by the utility company)
- Permission from the competent state authority in charge of the protection of cultural monuments, in case if the residential building is built in the protected cultural area

    • What determines the authority issuing the construction permit and how it verifies it?

Construction permit confirms that the master and conceptual design documentation are made in accordance with the regulations and legal conditions which are needed to be met by building in a particular location. The master design documentation is attached as an integral part of building permits and it must be specified and verified with signature and official seal of the authority that issued the building permit. The construction is not possible to start before the fulfillment of the above conditions

    • When the constructed building can be put in use?

Constructed building can be put in use after the issuance of usage permit. It is issued by the public authority that has issued the building permit after the technical inspection.


You can find more information on official website of the Croatian ministry of construction and spatial planning, but in case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.